VSN Series : On Graffiti

This post is the first in a series that further explains the inspiration behind aprivatevision. The first topic is graffiti.

Forever rebellious and forever engrained in the public’s eye graffiti is the art form of the people. City life is defined by many things, those of which must include graffiti. It is everywhere. Following graffiti writing as a pastime is a journey of discovery. Though frowned upon in many instances, graffti can deliver a powerful message, whether political or other wise. It can be used as a tool of the people to express views that may have been pushed to the margins of society. This is the beauty of graffti writing aside from its various artful presentations.


Pervasive to some, graffiti aims to speak past social barriers. Rich people cannot buy their way out of seeing graffiti which makes a lone graffiti writer have the audience of all. Each tag has an story. Look at the art form differently. Ask yourself, what did that person risk for you to see that art?  Was it for them or for you?


Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Minolta X-570. 2017. 
Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. 2017.


Las Vegas Arts District. 2017.
Abandoned motel. DTLV. 2017.

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