VSN Series Part 2 : On Photography

Minolta X-570 35mm film.

“Worldview through a viewfinder.”

Each picture is a moment. Each picture tells a story. The aim of the photographer is to tell the story. What is a photographer to do when each photo can tell so much? The question is not meant to overwhelm, but to pose the question of, ‘can each story be told?’ Who is responsible for making sure this moment never gets lost in time? Where was the photo taken? Who is in it?  Though the exact moment will never return, worldview through a viewfinder is a way to grasp the journey of a photographer. There are stages everyone goes through when they pick up a camera: excitement, disappointment, inspiration. It is an internal battle to find the rhythm you want. But the journey is the mission. If a photographer reaches a place where they feel like the places and/or faces in their world do not need be photographed, then new inspiration must be found. Never forget that in life’s journey things reveal themselves, be prepared to capture them.

shot on Minolta X-570. 35mm film.


Shot on a disposable camera. 2017.



Minolta X-570. NYC 2016.

“…the journey is the mission…”

Minolta X-570. 35mm film.





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