aprivateVSN. Thoughts on the Yellow Album.

“I’m just exploring…..



These are first words Dom Kennedy utters on the Yellow Album. First impressions are always so important even in music. This line sets the listener for what to expect from him throughout the project. But the standout feature of this album is not what he says but how everything sounds. Even before Dom raps those first words the soundscape is set. You can hear Dom entering the recording booth adjusting the settings around him follwed by a lighter flick and a sharp inhale. He is deliberately setting the mood for you as you enter his world. The sound of the entire project is consistent, which is no small feat when achieved with the multiple producers.

The “Yellow Album” is a feeling. Dom says it him self here. The words have a audible punch to them that places you right next to Dom as he explores. A pool party, a car ride, a simple conversation. Places all explored.


The Yellow Album is a project by Los Angeles rap artist Dom Kennedy.


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