aprivateVSN: New York 2017

0649501_0649501-R2-070-33ANew York City. Everyone remembers their first time here. When visiting the city I always want more. This was my first time visiting New York in March. Post-winter but pre-warmth, but the city never disappoints.

NYC. Minolta X-570.

For this trip my film selection was the Kodak Ultramax 400. A solid, affordable color film. It is not the sexiest of films but I like how the photos came out. There will be future posts on my journey into experimenting with different types of films and film speeds.

“late showing.” NYC. 2017. Shot Minolta X-570. 35mm film. Kodak Ultramax 400.
“station unknown”. Bedstuy, Brooklyn. 2017.
“cobalt”. Bedstuy, Brooklyn. 2017.

Every block of New York City has a story. There has been various stages of development for each borough throughout the city’s history. Take a second to think about the gravity of it all. The millions of faces and their accompanying stories multiplied over decades of urban living. In this thought I found the reason why I enjoy New York so much. With millions of people around me, you would think I would feel small, but I don’t. I feel larger than life. I feel like I rise to the challenge of making my face known out of the millions of faces there. I am up for the challenge. I feel ready to see what is around the next corner.

“late showing 2.” NYC. 2017.
“slide.” Soho, NYC. 2017.


There are many things that I want to do with my life and one of them is to live in New York for at least a full calendar year. I want to see every season’s effect on Central Park. I want to hit Rucker Park during the summer. I want to read the ‘New Yorker’ in New York. I want to hear people speak nearly every language in the world while riding the subway. But most importantly, I want to everyday to feel like that there is nothing I cannot do or obtain. Because in New York dreams do not have to be only dreams, they can be your next subway stop.

“goodbye kitty.” unknown Soho art gallery. NYC. 2017.
“coca-Chloé”. NYC. 2017.



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