VSN Profile. Liberated Perspective, Jaylin Paschal

Her name is Jaylin Paschal. And she is a cultural powerhouse offering in depth critiques on contemporary issues pertaining to the black community on her blog Creative Liberation. In her interview we found a few things that contributes to her vision. The meeting place was Joint Custody Records on U Street. As we browsed through vinyls we conversed about Outkast, politics, diversity and a number of other topics. Age is no barometer for the amount of topics she can offer a nuanced response to. Her informed perspective shows in her writing and overall personality as well. Here are some of the main topics we touched on.




Is hip-hop just a euphemism for a new religion?

Around halfway though of our interview I ask her to explain a quote from Kanye West about hip and and religion. She had placed the quote in one of her posts   “Is hip-hop just a euphemism for a new religion?” This question opened up a quite frank dialogue about how at certain times it feels people will follow the words of their favorite rapper more than of a preacher or priest. And it shows in everyday behavior. Many teenagers will buy a ticket to a rap concert before considering attending church on Sunday. We made the connection between hyper dedicated Kanye stans being the virtual equivalent to daily mass attendees and so forth. We noticed the that one of the main features of a religious gathering is music. Processions begin, end, and are interjected with music selections, especially in the black church. There can be many parallels drawn between the feelings created by rapper on stage and preachers in the pulpit.

The Soul Connection

Vinyls are portal to a previous time where music consumption had a tactile element. You got to feel the record in your hand before you listened adding another sensory element to your consumption. We discussed how hip-hop producers used the art form of sampling to make the old new again. Many golden era hip hop records, and then beginning again with Kanye West in the early 2000’s, sampled 60’s and 70’s era soul records. Pieces of the past are repurposed for a new generation adding new meaning to the original record. A practice that should be repeated by all hip hop listeners but especially by avid fans is to not only listen to a record but to research and listen to the song(s) that is being sampled as well. It helps you see both records, hip hop and soul, from another angle. Jaylin touched on how this process of deeply researching her favorite records informs her writing and how both processes make Creative Liberation what it is.

Making Connections

There goes the saying there is nothing new under the sun but there are things that need to be put together that previous haven’t been. Creative Liberation as a publication does a great job at this. A case in point is the article, “A Comparative Analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird & To Pimp a Butterfly.” It take two seemingly wholly different works and places them in the same context of “exploited black bodies”. Making connections also affect your vision. The connections you make in your world should be yours to make. Each connection is part of your private vision.

Hold on Be Strong

So what’s next for Creative Liberation? The blog has a quality of writing that could be picked up as a column in a popular magazine or eventually to span into a completely self sufficient brand. The passion cannot be questioned. To live and die by hip hop is not impossible. You can be wholly committed to hip hop and it can be wholly committed to you if you are willing to make the sacrifices. Apple News has seen the same qualities by picking up the blog to be featured on their app on every Apple iPhone and iPad. With this kind of start it truly begs the question, since the ceiling is the roof, how far into the stars could Creative Liberation go?

“Worldview through a viewfinder.”

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