APrivateVSN: What is Next?


APrivateVision, the brand, will always push forward. There will be no stasis. We, whenever “we” become “we”, our constant will be change. As is stands today, APrivateVSN is just that, a singular person trying to articulate a vision. Trying to push a narrative and trying to tell a story. Sticking true to our brand identity, APrivateVSN will always change. The brand was created to operate separately from any one person, any one idea, and especially any one trend. With this as its founding creed, APrivateVSN will never cater to the weak or the blind. Blind, not in physical eyesight, but blind to who holds the power in not only culture and politics but also of those of who are directly around you. Seeing the angles in the world is the same as seeing the angles in your immediate life. Different characters but the same rules. Close your eyes and see. How can we be anywhere but up front?

Minolta X-570. Fiji Superia 200.




“Worldview through a viewfinder.”


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