VSNvsn: Howard Homecoming 2017 in Black and White

As I explained in my previous post, shooting film requires the photographer to key in on the basic elements of photography. Absent is a screen showing you immediately how a photo turned out. Knowledge of lighting, ISO, shutter speed and the individual characteristics of your camera, lens, and film combination all must be combined on the fly and adjusted to the particular moment. Shooting in black and white distills this process down even further to its core elements.


Color, though invigorating in its own right, can often overshadow or distract the viewer from particular details of a photo that grab and retain attention. Framing and negative space become more important, while different background elements come into play. For these photos I used Fomapan ISO 200 film for the first time and I am left satisfied with the results. I will continue to shoot and experiment with other film stocks, but Fomapan has an attractive price point and is definitely a stock I plan to revisit in the future. Experience life in a different light. Shoot or convert some of your photos into black and white and see if the switch makes a change in how you look at photography.

Never forget why you started and until we meet again, LIVE LUSH.

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“Worldview through a viewfinder.”


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